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DIY // Home brewing kit with Central England Co-op

I like to get organised especially at this time of year and plan ahead so I can really enjoy the festive season.

Whilst most of the males in my family would always declare that they never need or want anything, I like to actually give something that is thoughtful and fun. 

Buying for men is hard! I have my Dad, father in law, brother in law, two brothers and a husband that I always find it really difficult to buy for. I usually get my brothers a bottle of something  to go with their main Christmas present but this year I’m going to mix it up a bit and gift a DIY home brewing kit.

Central England Coop asked me if I’d like to try something from their new Christmas range as part of their #triedandtasted campaign. Here's what I chose. 

Mutton’s IPA DIY home brewing kit from Central England Coop £25.

I chose the IPA as it’s Robs fave and I’ve heard good things about Mutton’s ales from our local pub in the village.

They often have their guest ales on the tap which we like a swift half or two of! 

This one is a light, crisp and bitter IPA brewed with English hops, grown within 50 miles of Suffolk. 

We brewed this together and it was really fun to do and only took an hour!

If you follow all the instructions, in 30 days you’ll have 25 pints of Indian pale ale at 4.8% to sup at £1 a pint, that’s pretty good value for money.

Not only will this set you up throughout Christmas and new year, it’ll also impress your family and friends that you are, indeed, a craft brewer (of sorts). 

The makers Mutton’s, are based in Suffolk and promise it’s so simple that you could “brew after a few pints”. The ingredients are basic - hopped barley, malt extract, and malted barley. Simply add water and the sachet of brewing yeast provided and voila!  — your own IPA in a jiffy.

Here’s what you do.

First, rollout all the bits in the tube. You’ll have everything you need to make your own home brew in the kit so don’t worry that you need more equipment because you don’t. This is what I like about this, so simple and easy.

Next follow the instructions provided. You need to add 3 pints of lukewarm water to start, then give the bag a really good shake to mix everything together. 

Then add the sachet of brewing yeast provided, topping up with an additional 19 pints of lukewarm water. This then takes you up to 25 pints. 

Then leave to ferment and in 30 days time, Rob will have a small batch of brew just in time for our family Christmas party on December 8th. I’ll let you know in my December post what it’s like!

Until then we’ve been drinking BrewDog IPA. I like Elvis Juice and Robs into Punk IPA. We had this as a favour for the men at our wedding so brings back lots of memories! We also brought some of these AMAZING pigs in blankets crackers to enjoy as a bar snack. 

Who needs champagne hey?! 

I was gifted the items featured but all opinions are 100% my own. I'm and employee, shopper, and member of  Central England coop so as always, I'd only ever share brands that I truly love.

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