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How To Cover Unattractive Areas In Your Home

Not everyone has the ability to keep their home pristine at all times. In fact, it might be difficult to maintain your home during times where you may be living paycheck to paycheck. So with that in mind, here are some tips to help cover up those unattractive areas in your home.

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Use Cord Covers For Cables

Cables can look messy, even if they’re in good condition. In order to cover them up, it can feel like there’s really nothing you can do. However, there are cord covers that you can get for certain cables, and if covers for the size of the cords don’t exist, then you can always look at getting some cable ties to help secure the cables together to at least make them appear neater. Cord covers are fairly affordable to get and with some cording, like your internet or television cables, you can get this tacked to the wall. Usually, this goes along the skirting boards in your room. That way they’re able to blend in more with the surroundings, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Throws And Soft Furnishings For Worn Sofas

Sofas and armchairs can often be one of the first pieces of furniture to become worn, especially when they’re fabric. Eventually, they’ll become so worn down from the many times it’s used, that the material will start to fray or rip. And instead of going to the effort of getting a new sofa, which might not be financially possible, soft furnishings can come to your rescue. Throws and cushions are great at covering up areas of your sofa where it might be looking a little worse for wear. Try to get soft furnishings that are big enough to cover but aren’t pointing out the obvious. Make them part of the look of your sofa or armchair.

Cover Bulky Radiators

A lot of homes will have radiators that aren’t very attractive. And without replacing these radiators at a costly price, there’s not much you can do about their appearance if you have to keep them. However, there are radiator covers like these https://www.homediscount.co.uk/radiators/radiator-covers.aspx that are perfect for covering up bulky radiators. Some also come with a little shelving on top so that you can use it to show off a few home decor pieces.

Hang Art For Scuffed Walls

Art is a perfect way of disguising things that you don’t want people to see. And like soft furnishings, if you wanted something big enough to cover an entire wall, you can do. This might be needed to cover up botched paint jobs or any areas of the wall that might be chipped or in need of a little TLC. A lot of these framed artwork can simply be brought in poster format and then framed. It’s affordable, but they still look like you’ve spent some money on them.

Cover up these unattractive areas of your home so that you can enjoy your home more.


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