• Katie Blunt

How To Show Your Garden Some Love

As the year draws to a close and you start thinking about next year, and what's important to you and what you might want to spend your money on, perhaps it's time to start thinking about your garden. It's one of those things that can get put off, especially now that summer is over, and you won't be using it so much it goes to the bottom of the pile. However, next summer will be here before you know it and your garden will still need sorting out, so why not get ahead and start thinking about it now, so you can get started as soon as winter is over. 

Once the cold weather has subsided, the first thing you will need to do is to get fertilizing and start sewing the seeds of plants. You will also want to remove any hibernating pests, check for any snails, slugs and destroy any larvae that you find.  Then check how your grass looking after the winter months to see if there has been any water damage? If you have children and pets, then you must get any issues like this seen to before they want to be playing out there every day in the summer. 

Once you have done the general maintenance, then it's time to get creative and give your garden a facelift. Do the fences need painting? Is there any other work you do could do now, so it's ready for the summer months? If you don't have a patio but have room for it, then that can make a difference to your garden, give you a place for sitting and barbequing during those long summer evenings and give your kids a different area to play on. You could either get a concrete delivery or could look at wooden or colored decking. Perhaps even raised decking, which would add more space to your garden and make it look bigger? 

Depending on if you have children and how old they are, there are things you can easily add to the garden just for them to enjoy and keep them out of your way. If you don't have the means to build a treehouse, then try making an off the ground playhouse as it's the next best thing. Children enjoy playing in their own little house, and it will surprise you how quickly and easily this playhouse comes together. While getting the supplies can be expensive if you have to purchase everything new at first if you can get your hands on some reclaimed wood and boards that you can use, this one is not that expensive. If your kids are too old for that, then perhaps you could build a climbing wall? Or with old pots and pans, you could create a music wall. There are many options to keep the kids entertained.

Then to keep you entertained, once it's looking clean and tidy, plants are planted, and seeds are sown; maybe you could have a look at some garden furniture or ornaments to brighten up your garden. There a plenty of things you can add to your garden; it could be a water feature, lights, statues, or gnomes, or you could even try a teepee or cozy garden den for somewhere else to relax and read your books during the summer months. 


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