In the garden- Planting and growing dahlia tubers

August 7, 2017

Summer 2017 has seen my first ever flurry of beautiful dahlias. They have become one of my favourites because they are so pretty and very easy to grow. They come in all shapes, sizes, and are readily available in garden centres and supermarkets all over the land. I love them because their easy to maintain, the flowers are long lasting and they're a great value bloom that fills a large space for a good 7 months of the year {if you look after them well} They are definitely one of my favourite summer plants.


I have taken advice this year from Sarah Raven. There are many other gardeners out there that offer advice but I can speak from experience when I say she offers some of the best.


{some of this years blooms}


This first step is to prepare your garden. I plant up my tubers in 10 inch pots, fill with compost and leave them in the greenhouse to establish until it's got a little warmer. Usually around early May after the final frost. I then choose a sunny spot and plant them into the ground.


You can grow dahlias in pots if you like. You can watch Sarah Raven pot her dahlia tubers here


If like me you are growing dahlias for the first time you need to find a suitable location in your garden. Dahlias need direct sunlight for well over 6 hours a day and do not like to get their feet wet so make sure there is plenty of drainage in your soil. 

{The dahlia garden in July}


Dig your hole and give the base a layer of compost or manure to increase the fertility of the soil and water them in. This is important and keeps the soil in good condition to allow them going right the way up to October. Make sure you keep deadheading, allowing new blooms to stand out amongst the leafy foliage. 


Dahlias get going very quickly once planted. Water them well at least once a week and add a bit of blood, fish and bone every other week to help them along.


Dahlias grow quite tall {up to 4 ft} you might need to stake them in and tie them using garden twine as they grow as they can break quite easily in the wind and rain {good old British weather!}

Only pick your beautiful blooms when they are in full flower to get the most out of them. I have them all over the house and haven't brought any cut flowers for ages now, they will last a good week in a cool bright spot in the house.  


I will write another post when it comes to over wintering the dahlias once the season has finished.


Happy gardening!


Love Blunty x 


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