Upcycle Project - The Blanket Ladder

August 2, 2017

The nights are drawing in meaning more blankets, more quilts, more throws, more scarves, more coats, more warmth!  So that means blanket ladder time...

If you aren't familiar with the blanket ladder, then why not grab yourself a cuppa and snuggle up on your sofa and we will begin. 


If like me you have collected many blankets over the years, {and enjoy a good upcycle} this is a nice way to display them where they can be appreciated. 



I purchased for £4 {yes, four fine English pound coins} from eBay a beautiful teak and steel 1950's tripod ladder. It was in pretty good nick and just needed a good scrub with some wire wool to get all the old paint stains off.


As soon as I got it home I got it laid out on the lawn and started cleaning them up and dismantled them into three separate ladders.


I wanted to keep some of their rustic vintage charm and show off some blankets in the lounge and towels in the bathroom.


And that's pretty much it a very easy upcycle for less than £5.


I chose a ladder with rails that are smooth so to not damage the fabric of the throws and blankets. 


If you are worried about the ladder slipping or failing {particularly if you have children} you can fix it to the wall or floor with screws or removable adhesive stickies. 


The possibilities are endless, you can hang towels over them in your bathroom if you don't have the luxury of a heated towel rail. A ladder towel rail will have a very small footprint and is easily moved if it's getting in the way and it allows each towel to have its own space to dry.


Here is our bathroom towel rail



Here's the blanket ladder in the lounge with pretty twinkly lights, sometimes a few understated touches are all that's needed to bring a little bit of vintage feel to your home and add some visual interest. I love them.


Let me know what you think?

Love Blunty x 

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