Blunty and Blooms 2017

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Makeover Monday - Bathroom renovation

August 14, 2017

Welcome to the Makeover Monday blog series! I have so many makeover and upcycle projects to share with you, I hope you enjoy reading them for the next month or so and get some inspiration from the posts.


Rob and I have lived in the village for a few years now and whilst we have been really happy with the house we still wanted to put our stamp on it. The house was all perfectly habitable and had been previously owned by an interior designer (it just wasn’t to our taste). We enjoy researching and finding or own style and have gathered lots of inspiration from Pinterest and magazines and sourced lots of unloved bits of furniture along the way. Rob has done a lot of the work on the house, including rebuilding the chimney (The first winter), rewiring, adding new lights and putting up with me constantly faffing and changing things. First up is the bathroom transformation, this has been the biggest project so far in making our house our home. 


Before Photos:

Rob and his Plummer mate Kev stripped everything out of the bathroom. We literally got rid of everything and hired a skip.


The mess, the dust, oh the dust! I was cleaning for days. We had to rebuild the back wall of the house as the previous owners had just boarded it. Once that was sorted we could then look at the space and decided what to put where.


I wanted to change the whole layout of the bathroom as it was only a small space and make more of what we have. We wanted to put a slipper bath under the window which would be the main focal point and add a 'wow' feature as soon as you open the bathroom door. 

We got on eBay and searched for rolltop and slipper baths. I wanted a cast iron one and we found a guy only down the road that was selling a gorgeous heritage slipper bath with light gold claw feet. He dropped it off the week after and there it stood in our dining room until it was ready to make her final journey up the stairs! The bath was yellow when we got it and I wanted to paint the shell (blog post on that coming soon) Rob, Kev and my brother nearly killed themselves getting it up the stairs it was so so heavy!


Once the room was boarded, plastered, rewired and pluming was laid, we where able to crack on with decorating and laying the floor.


The flooring was sourced from Amtico from my friend (Thanks Phil) we chose Rustic Oak from their premium collection.


The paint was used was Farrow and Ball Wimbourne White and Plummett. 

The metro tiles came from homebase 

Rob laid and installed the underfloor heating and new spot lights. Another one of Rob's mates came to lay the flooring from Amtico. We are so lucky that Rob works in the trade and knows people who can help and do a great job for us. 

After photos:

The toilet, sinks, taps, cistern and shower unit were all new from Soak and eBay shops. It's well worth looking around for the best price and eBay really came up trumps for us.