Blunty and Blooms 2017

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Makeover Monday - Turning a table into a upholstered coffee/ footstool/ ottoman

August 21, 2017

Welcome to this weeks Makeover Monday! Last weekend I decided to start a long awaited project, turning an old oak table destined for the tip into a beautiful stylish footstool/ ottoman/ coffee table thing {don't really know what I should be calling this so if you know the official name please shout up}. 


This whole project took me a day but I spaced it out over a weekend. I think it's a great makeover to get you started on something a bit more challenging and will give you the confidence in taking your makeover projects to the next level.


With the right amount of time and some creativity, you can easily breath new life into something old that’s in dire need of a furniture makeover.  


This whole makeover costed me a pittance £43.49p in comparison to something similar on the high street or online. I'd spend more than that on a night out so this is a worthy investment. 



To makeover your own footstool/ottoman, you will need:


Table/stool of choice {I got mine off eBay for 1p} I know what can you buy for 1p these days? I feel the price reflects how shit this table was...moving on;


Sanding belt



3" foam padding cut to size {you can get from any decent haberdashery}

Medium wadding to wrap around your foam

Staple gun and staples 

Fabric to cover 

Glue gun





Decide the height of your new ottoman. I cut the legs down using a hacksaw. With my table it was easy to work out where I would cut it down to as they are turned legs, the places to cut where really obvious.


I decided not to go with tufting my ottoman. I wanted something simple as my fabric (linen ticking) already had a striped pattern I didn't want to over complicate things.


Attach the fabric by securing down each side and creating anchor points. This holds everything in place while you work your way round, pulling the fabric securely and adding stables every couple of cm.

Making the corners neat I think is the hardest part of this makeover. You may need someone else at this point to help you secure the fabric and keep everything tight.