Blunty and Blooms 2017

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Ending our Summer at The Big Feastival {Part 1}

August 29, 2017

Summer's not summer without a festival! I've always been the type of person to dabble in the 'cool' things in life and have been to a few festivals in my time, but never the biggy 'Glastonbury' {I don't think I have the hygiene stamina you need to get down and dirty with that one}. I can be as carefree as a pack of baby wipes allow, and me and Big Feastival really are good friends, which is why I agree to go each year. You will not see teenagers stumbling around blind drunk on Jaegermeister throwing pints of their own urine around. This is a far more up-market, civilised affair.


Rob brought me tickets four years ago as a Birthday present when we first got together and we've been to The Big Feastival every year since. We love it because it combines our favourite things- food and music {and they have hot showers and clean the portaloos twice a day} I don't mind getting all girl guide for a few days camping, I can cope for a few days with no hairdryer.



The Feastival mixes top chefs with music, street food galore, cookery classes, creative workshops and bucket loads of kids' entertainment. It's our favourite way to end the Summer on a high. It's a family-friendly festival, the mix of families, kids, friends and couples alike means everyone gets to have fun and get a slice of the experience. We've experienced the festival as a twosome and with friends and family. I can honestly say it's been good to do both because you get to see exactly what the festival is all about for children and as a couple, maybe these experiences will prepare me in my future life when we have kids- it is the most child friendly and coolest place I have been.


{Rob earning his keep!}


We rocked up early on Friday and I'm so glad we did as the security this year meant it was taking longer for people to get through into the campsite. By 10am we had pitched up our tent, got the kettle on and had a teacake to line our stomachs. We were then ready to have our first gin and tonic of the day and start exploring the festival.




{Friends Tim & Rachel, their three year old daughter Heidi's first Festival}


We aren't the kind of people to make 'a day of it' really, we like to do what we want, when we want and not plan too much when we're away. Even when we go out for the day it's usually only for a few hours and then we head home. Obviously, if you like to plan ahead then you can, we decided that we would get a programme and then see which chefs we really would like to see and take it from there without too much of a schedule.