Weekend blog post #5 Spring bulb planting - the time is NOW!

September 10, 2017

Spring planting is one of my favourite kinds of gardening because it's so blooming easy. 


Basically all you have to do is pick up some 

bulbs, put them into compost and leave them over winter. Come spring you'll have beautiful blooms, spreading lots of cheer without really having to do much- it's a win, win! 

I buy my bulbs from a number of places; Wilko is one of the best for value, quality and choice; local garden centres and Sarah Raven has some specialist varieties if you want to splurge. This year {2018 Spring} I have gone for tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops, alliums, crocuses. There are so many different, pretty varieties to choose from, so just go for what takes your fancy. I'm going to mix my bulbs up and scatter them across the borders in the garden as I don't want a formal look. I'm all about cottage garden planting.


Some will go into pots, particularly my big dolly tub at the front of the house and the galvanised bath tubs. If you are short on space, maybe you only have a balcony- you can still invest in bulbs that will last you a good few months. Why not go for a bulb lasagne? {post on this coming soon}

{Clearing out all of the summer bedding plants that have finished to make way for some new pretties}

I have gone for pretty tulips in my galvanised bag tub. 

{put them in 10cm deep and 5cn apart, cover them over and come spring your garden will be blooming with spring colours}


If your summer plants are still going then wait a while until they have finished

{You can plant your spring bulbs anytime from now up until mid November, so anytime really when you have a spare weekend}


Will you be planting bulbs? What have you gone for? Hope you're having an awesome weekend. 


Blunty x

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