Starting the day right with Vivid Matcha

September 4, 2017

Come mid-morning I am in need of a boost of energy pretty rapid. Usually this is on a Monday; it's countless meetings, emails from the weekend, actions I didn't get round to completing the week before. By 11am I start to get sleepy for no reason and I don't want to load myself with coffee all the time. 


When Vivid Matcha got in touch I thought 'YES' this is going to change my mid-morning slump before the week has even begun. A super-hero amongst all teas, already I'm winning at the week in hand.


{100% organic Matcha }


Usually I'm up by 6am, I've taken Toby out for his morning walk, got myself ready and then it's off to work. Some days roll into one as I think everyone experiences the 'blur of the week' I am very mindful of being more aware and reenergising myself.  


For those of you not heard of Matcha, it's a green tea powder that is naturally high in protein and high in fibre {good for the diet} and it delivers a slow-release caffeine that helps boost concentration and energy levels, making this a perfect for mid-morning. This super-power brew could be the answer to my muffin-top and my mind?!


I have tried Matcha tea before and some are quite lumpy and gritty. Vivid Matcha is very smooth, mixes perfectly and has a nice taste. I've used it in cereals, yogurt even topped on ice cream, it's a very versatile and 100% organic product which is why I love it! Have you ever tried it?


Here are a couple of ways I use Matcha to keep me feeling energised...


A simple smoothie blend of Vivid Matcha, bananas, almond milk, vanilla and a tiny spoon of honey for a light breakfast or mid-morning snack is absolutely yummy.




Next up I really like raw chocolate Matcha power bites. They may look like limes but if you have to be at work early or going to the gym, you're going to need some energy to get you through the morning. These small, no-bake power hits are a perfect healthy snack.


{Best of all these are gluten free, diary free, vegan, vegetarian- most diets are catered for!} you can see the full recipe for raw brownies here. 


Do you drink green tea already? If you've tried Vivid Matcha let me know what you think about it. As always if you have any questions just get in touch.


Blunty x 


{Huge thank you to Vivid Matcha  for sponsoring this post. I would never promote anything I didn't truly love} 



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