Jerez {Part 2}

September 19, 2017

We both love sherry and after this trip, I've decided it's totally underrated. I have only ever had sherry at Christmas time, I think my Mom has fed the odd Christmas cake with it over the years. Where better to sample and learn about the worlds finest sherries than in Jerez its self! We visited two Bodegas whilst on our trip {first blog post here} 


We firstly visited Tio Pepe, the most famous sherry in the world. The tour cost €14 each and in my opinion it was just ok. With Tio Pepe it's mainly about the brand but it's sold as a sherry tasting experience?


If you're going to go to any Bodegas {and why wouldn't you?} visit Bodegas Tradiciòn by far the best Bodegas in Jerez.


After Tio Pepe, we decided to try another Sherry winery. There are roughly ten different Bodegas that take tours in Jerez. We headed to Bodegas Tradiciòn, an authentic, boutique style winery that produces a limited number of high quality sherries.


{I mean look at that courtyard! Autumn has arrived in Jerez}

Because they specialise in old and rare sherries classed as VOS {Vinum Optimim Signatum} Bodegas Tradiciòn has a reputation for producing some of the worlds finest sherries and focuses on the artisanal production of the wine, being made and bottled by hand.

We entered in to a stunning courtyard where the ancient barrels are stored and kept cool in the cellars. As soon as we walked in the smell of the sherry overwhelmed us, we knew we were in the right place.

Our tour lady was exceptional, her English was excellent and was very knowledgeable about the sherry making process and history of the wine and the Bodegas it's self, I wish I could of remembered her name!


 We headed into the large cellar where rows of barrels, stacked three high stretched into the distance. Here is where many types of sherry are aging; Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado and PX. Each morning the artisan sherry maker comes each morning to taste them and then marks the barrel with chalk to rate the stage and quality of the wine.

{The Bodegas is built round the original road and ruins to and from the centre of Jerez}

We headed back to the courtyard to start our sherry and food pairing experience. 

The first sherry we tried was a Fino, a crisp wine that pairs with rich patès, nuts and shellfish, any foods that are quite salty go well with Fino.

The second we sampled was Amontillado which pairs well with olives, it's a fully bodied nutty wine that also goes well with almonds, smoked fish, very salty foods, game, spicy curries. It cleanses and neutralises the palette.

The third tasting was Olorssro, an oaky, caramelised, roasted notes flavour, round full bodied wine, perfect with red meats Iberian chorizo, stews, game, soups such as chickpea and chorizo.

The fourth was a cream sherry which had a sweet taste, honey caramelised notes due to longer aging process. Best to serve this wine with ice and slice of orange. It's a very good dessert wine especially when paired with a blue cheese.

The fifth wine was a PX, smells and tastes of raisians, prunes and dates. Best served with dark chocolate, espresso, or served  with vanilla ice cream. Also goes well with blue cheese at the end of a meal. I think we will serve this one at the end of our Christmas dinner this year.

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Bodegas Traditiòn is also home to a private fine art collection that has been curated over the past decade or so. Art dating from the medieval period right the way through to modern day is exhibited here and is part of the Bodegas tour. There are also tile paintings by Picasso aged 8 on display here.


{I loved these old advertisements}

Will you be visiting Bodegas Tradición? {it was a highlight of our trip} if you do then you will need to book in advance. We asked our hotel receptionist to do this for us the day before and had no problem getting in. I urge you to give the proper stuff a try! Forget Tio Pepe and invest in a real boutique sherry and wine pairing experience- you even get an art gallery tour thrown in!

Sherry paired with the right food is amazing. 


It was a difficult choice but we were won over by the Amontillado. At 30 years old plus I won't be feeding this into my Christmas cake!


Let me know if you have any questions about this experience or Jerez in general. You can contact me in the blog or over on Instagram. What's your favourite sherry? 


Blog post on the first part of Jerez here and our day trip visit to Cadiz here.


Blunty x


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