Mood boost - Spending some time feeling good with Tea Pigs

September 19, 2017

I'm really starting to feel the Autumn since we got back from our break in Jerez. These slightly shorter days, having to wear tights that constantly need pulling up and the forever fear of catching a cold. The winter blues isn’t a term made up by some crazy fashionista, this is real life...


It’s almost inevitable that we will feel a little under the weather as the seasons start to change. I have discovered a collection of teas that have improved my mood, made me feel calmer, better and supported my well-being over the last few weeks. I've also been making a list of other ways to help me feel better.

{Cute little pumpkins made by my Mum}

Focus on the happy
It’s always important to spend time doing the things that make you happy, but when the weather turns, it’s easier to feel low and unmotivated, so make being happy your top priority. I know it sounds like such a throwaway comment ‘spend time being happy’ I remember a good friend of mine saying making a list of the things that make you feel happy works, I'd encourage you to try it.


Here's my list

  • Hot candlelit bubble bath 

  • Walking the dog with my husband

  • Enjoying a catch up with friends with a glass of wine

  • Freshly washed and ironed bed linen

  • Getting a good nights sleep


There is something really soothing about the smell of Tea Pigs’ Feel Good Teas. As with all Tea Pigs’, as soon as you open the box the aroma is just to die for. Their teas come in a beautiful silk like pyramid, bursting with flavour and specially blended whole leaves {not the usual dust you find in most tea bags- this is real tea!} they feel quite luxurious so you know what's inside will be too.


Clean n Green Detox tea. Now, if like me you have tried all the fads over the years to try and be ‘Clean and Green’ it’s not quite worked/ been sustainable, then this could be the ticket. It cleanses, detoxes, and has improved my complexion three fold. I have been consciously trying to drink more, and in turn my mood has lifted. I've felt less lethargic and less likely to binge on total rubbish. 

Some other ways to beat the post Summer blues…

Bobble hats and chunky scarves. I love layering during the autumn and winter season. It’s so forgiving, am I wearing pyjamas under my coat? Who knows. Am I wearing a bra? Who knows. Have I washed my hair? Defiantly not. I'm looking at you, bobble hat...


Up Beet Energy tea, I love the name of this. 


A herbal blend of green tea, vegetable and spices. Really fruity and punchy, nice cold too. That’s another great thing about these teas, they taste divine hot or cold. I have even been known to make a punch out of their teas in the summer too! Oh, this gives me an idea for a winter concoction...

Getting a good nights sleep

I really loved the Sleepy tea out of all three of the Feel Good Teas. I have been suffering lately with a bit of anxiety and stress which I won’t talk about here but it’s really helped during the last week or so and helped with mindfulness sessions. 


Mindfulness helps us tune into what we’re sensing and experiencing in the present moment - it’s the ability to pay more careful attention to our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, without judging them as good or bad. Research suggests that it can not only reduce stress but also increase our experience of positive emotions. 


It's comforting to just stop and concentrate on the here and now. By drinking, tasting and studying the tea, I've felt more at ease. I’ll be stocking up on this as a staple in my tea cupboard over the winter. Rob has tried all three of the range and enjoyed them.

There is something for everyone with this range and are available online or in Waitrose’s all across this land. 


Have you tried Tea Pigs’ before? What did you think? Let me know your mood boosters I’d love to add them to my list. 


Blunty x


{This post is sponsored by Tea Pigs but I would never work with a brand I didn’t truly love 100% and wouldn’t buy myself. Huge thanks to Tea Pigs for letting me review their new range} 


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