Blunty and Blooms 2017

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Styling the seasons: My Halloween essentials

October 31, 2017

Whatever the occasion and season, I love to add a few little bits around the house to reflect the time of year. It could be hearts and pink accents for Valentine’s Day or cute hand-painted eggs for Easter, it’s fun to change things up for a couple of weeks.

This month of course is Halloween, a time to fill the house with pumpkins, munchkins, squashes and yummy ghoulish treats.


I don’t go mad of spider webs, skeletons, full graveyard etc.. although I probably will do when/if we decide to have children.


I find pumpkins are more than enough to get into the spirit of Halloweens {and autumn}, but for now a few photos of the season around our home.





I’ve filled an old jar with lots of Halloween chocolates  for trick or treaters, or if our little nieces and nephews come round. 


Trick-or-treat! Do you give things out on Halloween night? We do! Its all in the spirit of it I guess and as a child I used to love Halloween. 


Halloween is so fun don’t you think? Well go for a spooky walk around the village and look at the houses all dressed up. 


Whatever you're up to have a spooktastic Halloween!


Blunty x