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Interiors Trend: Retro Letter Board

September 30, 2017

As a newbie to the blogging world I feel it's mandatory to have a retro letter board. 


I fell for them a while ago but didn’t want a plain black one and have been looking around ever since for a range to catch my beady eye...

{Real talk...}


I love the retro element, the creative freedom to display as many fun messages as your heart desires.


They remind me of the signs you used to see in theatres and the cinemas {remember those good old days?}


If you’re a fellow instagrammer you’ll have seen these everywhere for the last few years.



{Again, real talk...theme happening here} 


I’ve come across tons featuring short, fun quotes and thought- yes, this is something I need to get on board with (see what I did there) haha… 

Whilst there are loads on the market, I have never seen any of very good quality. 


One of my friends brought a cheapo one for a gin bar at her wedding. She never put it out in the end as the letters kept falling off- not a good look!


I love the way they can update the décor in any room, making a statement instantly. 


You can spell out anything – notes, messages, menus, song lyrics, quotes, shopping list – the options are endless.


A large-sized board allows you to leave some empty space for a more artistic look.


Mine's currently in the dining room until the long awaited study is finally completed- I'll use it as a To Do list one week and maybe move it in to the kitchen to display our weekly meals. I love the minty green colour and the solid oak frame.

These make an excellent gift for children and adults, ideal early Christmas shopping that you can just do now and forget about.


You can shimmy on over to my Instagram to win one of these beauties! 

What would you write if you had one of these in your home?  


Blunty x



{This post is sponsored by GetGingerSnap but I would never work with a brand I didn’t truly love 100% and wouldn’t buy myself. Huge thanks to Ginger Snap for letting me review their new retro letter board range}