Walking in a winter wonderland

December 13, 2017


Did anyone else actually pay attention to the weather forecast last weekend? I never did and I caught out!


I never seem to slow down. From September I am completely stacked with work, busy sorting out presents and planning ahead for Christmas.


This month I'm making a conscious effort to really live for each day and try to slow down so I can really enjoy the festive season.


With the snowy weather this weekend I have taken a break and attempted to cherish the ordinary- you know what, this snowy spell worked a treat and was just what I needed. 


It’s so nice to have a good walk in the woods. It’s so calm and uplifting at the same time. 

Toby and his friends, Teejay and Evie had a wonderful time dashing through the snow... 


Mine and Rob's snow picture! 

We had a good 10 inches this year it was so beautiful to see the garden covered

Toby trying to dig/ eat the snow he’s not quite sure!

Thick blanket of white covered the garden. 















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