Blunty and Blooms 2017

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New year, new shoes // Empowering, happy Shoes by Shaherazad

December 26, 2017

I'm so glad that I took the plunge and finally starting blogging during August this year, about three years after I kept meaning to get started. I've loved sharing everything from our house to our travels, recipes, projects and special places and I'm so grateful for all of your lovely comments and feedback along the way so far. Thank you for reading!


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and I thought I’d start going into the New Year, with new shoes...


Every so often you buy something completely different to your usual style, and within seconds of wearing it, it feels as if you've never been without it. 


I spied this brand Shoes by Shaherazad  in The Lady magazine on a spa break back in the summer and thought I'd check them out.  


I like to hear about brands that have a proper story rather than just someone who wanted to create a nice handbag just because.  


Shoes by Shaherazad is about more than just keeping an industry moving in the U.K. It's about empowering others. 


These very special shoes pay for girls and women across the world get an education. 


Shaherazad asked me recently if I would be interested in trying out a pair of her shoes in exchange for a post while wearing them (with photos)? Erh, YES. Sign me up right now please.



I've fallen for the red roses embellished on this easy-to-wear pantent leather court Shoes by Shaherazad 'Time to bloom'  in black leather. Image credit Shoes by Shaherazad


These shoes are such a win I'm not even sure how to describe them to you. I live in them. 


Yeah, they're doing good in the world and I'm so pleased to be a part of that. 

They're brilliantly practical and easy to run around in. I've got my eye on the mulberry coloured shoe too 'Don't wait up' as they go with everything but don't have the "out there ness" of a bright red. 


I throughly recommend them, and I have awkward feet so if I say they're comfy they really must be.   


There is a lot to be said for being “Made in Britain”; obviously on a global scale employment issues are far more extreme, but there is a lot to be said for keeping industries thriving here in the UK.