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February 5, 2018


I’m not a beauty blogger but I am a girl that loves trying out new products as well as still loving the old classics. 

As the years go by, I find myself adding more and more into my daily routine and during the winter I love having the dark evenings to pamper myself with new beauty balms, cleansers and lotions and potions! 


I want to achieve Insta-ready, dewy skin with minimal effort - {long term goal}. However, I slip between an all or nothing approach to skincare...


I know it's really bad at the grand old age of 32 I really should know better.


My lazy regime of baby wipes and the odd face mask here and there just isn't cutting it anymore. It's time to take action! 


{Please feel free to let me know of any of your favorites or best beauty tips!}


On the skincare note, Lovegrove Essentials are a relatively new natural skincare brand based in Dorset, founded by a Mother and daughter team, with a natural, holistic philosophy which I love.

{Above // Clean and natural kit from Lovegrove Essentials}


I ‘m a sucker for nicely presented products and packaging and these work so well in our bathroom.




I have been using their new cleansing balm and mask for the past couple of weeks and love their depth of scent and great natural properties.


I love how these products promote overall skin health and are handmade in England and literally only 15 minutes drive from Rob's Mum and Dad in Somerset, cannot get more local than that!


Cleansing balm


Firstly, I used the Lovegrove Essentials cleansing balm which is suitable for all skin types. I double cleanse as part of my normal routine using the balm twice. 


Double cleansing is simple-yet-effective, especially when you wear makeup all day. The lemon and geranium essential oils in the balm deeply cleanse and balance your complexion. 


Why should you double cleanse? Basically because water and oil don’t mix. 




My skin type: combination with oily and dry patches. What I like about this balm is that it helps even out combination skin types like mine.



Step 1: I applied the cleansing balm {I only used a pea-sized amount} which dissolves makeup, any creams or sunscreen, daily sweat and grime of the day.


Step 2: I then used the muslin cloth soaked in warm water to wipe away the cleanser.


Step 3: Then, I used again using a light facial massage  clear pores of residual oil and grime—that's all! 


This gently exfoliated by skin, making it feel and look fresh and renewed. 



Cleansing Mask 


This mask was an absolute joy to use. On opening the fragrance hits you instantly, fresh, floral scents which echo the sense of a spa treatment.

Step 1: It's a thick paste that you apply using the soft paint brush provided.


Step 2: I left this on for 10 minutes until removing with a really warm, damp towel. 


This mask smells devine, and a really lovely treat for your skin, removing any impurities. After skin felt soft, hydrated and even in tone. 


Step 3: Moisturise, I'm using Garnier at present. 


 {More of this post on my stories on Instagram here.}


You can embrace handmade and natural skincare from Lovegrove Essentials here. Do give it a try and let me know what you think? 



{I was sent some of these products by Lovegrove Essentials to review but as always would never promote anything I didn't truly love or wouldn't buy myself. All opinions are my own}

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