Interiors // How to decorate your bathroom without a full refit

February 5, 2018

Sometimes it’s nice to change things up a little bit. When you’re constantly being bombarded with the latest trends and fresh ideas on Instagram you can find that your carefully styled rooms suddenly feels outdated pretty quickly.


Nowhere is this more frustrating than in the bathroom, which is difficult enough to add a bit of style to beyond the simple white suite (and you’re definitely not going to experiment with bringing back the avocado bath suite).


So, if your bathroom is feeling a little dated, but you don’t want to commit to a full refit, below are a few ideas to add a bit of flair and sophistication to your morning routine.



The biggest way to change any room is to change the colour scheme. This may be slightly difficult if you have fully tiled walls, but many homes have partially tiled and partially painted walls.


 {Image credit- Jarmoluk}


Most choose to keep the painted section white for simplicity, but you could experiment with other colour schemes the compliment your tiles.


A pale blue is always popular, but if you have darker tiles, you could choose to add a dash of bold colour to add some regality to your bathroom.


Don’t be afraid to experiment, after all, a poor choice in paint can always be covered over with something else. 



The little finishing touches can completely change the character of a neutral bathroom. I like to use candels and fresh flowers dotted around to give a natural, cosy feel to the room. 



Upcycled wooden furniture or a nautical themed rustic mirror can add an element of shabby chic to the environment, our most Insta-liked bathroom sink unit is here


Or you could make it feel more modern by having a simple wall-mounted mirror and utilitarian soap dispensers. Small wicker balls for decoration, a few ornaments on the window sill.


Any number of small items can help to create a mood for the room without breaking the bank. And best of all, they are all easily replaceable or interchangeable due to how cheap they are.



A good quality set of matching towels can really add a perfect finishing touch to any bathroom. Ditch the workaday white in favour of something with a bit more verve.


Neutral beige, brown, or grey will work well with most suites, but you can add a splash of colour by choosing something like a deep purple or burgundy.



Maybe you like the idea of something truly stand-out and could opt for a sunny yellow or lime green. You could even try to compliment your towels with the colour of your bathrobes and dressing gowns; the choice is yours.


Don’t choose form over function though. You will always want to opt for 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton with a high thread count will make you feel like royalty in your own home, and who doesn’t want that?



You may not want to rip out the entire bathroom suite to change your style, but certain small changes can create a totally different feel at very little expense.

Tap fittings for instance, can add a feeling of modernity or a touch of antiquarian charm. If you have a stand-alone bath, you could also choose to change that for something of a different style. 


You may even be able to change the feet on some baths, creating a different look without the cost of a new bath.


Guest Complimentary Items

For many people, a bathroom sets a tone for the rest of the house. If someone has a spotless and clean bathroom, there is a high chance the rest of the house is spotless too.


Especially when welcoming people into your home, you may have found yourself running the hoover over the stairs and doing a last minute dust just to check you didn’t miss anything in your more-than-thorough clean.



Having a few complimentary items in the bathroom for anyone staying - a bath bomb, a face mask, a toothbrush just in case - will set a welcoming and modern feel to any bathroom.


Create A Zen Environment

Other than for basic human need, you will probably use your bathroom for an extended period of time only for a relaxing bath.


Having an environment around you that really helps you to relax will allow you to unwind more easily. Simply by adding a few candles, a bath shelf, a waterproof pillow, even a bubble bath spa matt, will help you to fall back in love with your bathroom.


It is easy to get bored by the same four walls you see every day, switching a few things up can help to change that.



Sometimes a full refit is just what the house doctor ordered.


However, for those times when your bathroom needs more of a makeover than an overhaul, these tips should help you to create a fresh new look that you can be satisfied with. For our full bathroom makeover post visit here.


Blunty xx 


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