Making your household look as good as new

February 6, 2018

I talk a lot about improving home interiors on the blog, but you might not be looking for an extensive renovation for your home {see post on our bathroom renovation here}.



Perhaps you simply want to reclaim the spark and magic that made your household feel new, warm, and homely when you originally moved into the place.


The point is that a home renovation doesn’t always have to be a costly and overwhelming project. Often, small improvements can make a massive difference to the appearance of your home.


Here’s some advice that will help you to create a design for your household that looks as good as new.


Open up the space

To begin, you should aim to open up the space in your house. A home can quickly become old and worn-out when it starts to feel cramped and uncomfortable.



You need to let the space in rooms really breathe - there might be more potential there than you realize. It’s just that people often let their homes become smaller than they should be. The key is to declutter.


Strip your home down to the essentials so that you create a minimalistic and spacious look throughout your house. It’ll start to feel new in no time at all. Additionally, you could raise money by selling any old possessions that still have some worth because that will help to fund the rest of your renovation. It’s a win-win situation.


Timelessness keeps your home in fashion


 [Image credit: Terje Sollie}


This is the best piece of advice you can take on board, whether you’ve got a full-scale renovation project in mind for your home or a few minor bits of DIY.


Timelessness design can improve any home. Perhaps your interior design is just started to look a little outdated and that’s why your household no longer feels “as good as new”.


But if you design your home with a classic aesthetic then you won’t have to worry about its appearance going out of style. It’ll remain “new” in appearance forever.


The best way to begin your mission to give your household a timeless interior is to replace anything that can be tied to a certain era in time.


Patterned wallpaper, for example, should be replaced with paint. It ensures that the wall remains a neutral background, especially if you use a color such as white that naturally reflects light and brightens up a room.


You should also replace carpet with wooden flooring as it’s natural and far classier. You could check out this wood floor adhesive to get you started. It’s important that you approach each DIY task with the right knowledge and materials. YouTube can always help you out if you’re stuck.


Improve the exterior


You should also give your home’s exterior some love. Work on the front of your house because first impressions really count for something when it comes to your home.


You’re constantly going to be reminded that your house is old and tired if the first thing you see when you get home after a long day is the mess outside.


Add some vibrancy and color to the outside of your household; get some plants and flowers to spruce up the place. You could even repave the path leading up to your door. Get creative.

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