Out in the garden this summer

May 3, 2018

Yay for the first bank holiday weekend of the year! We don't have any major plans but one thing I am looking forward to is getting out into the garden.



As summer approaches at an alarmingly fast rate, most of us start to pay more attention to our gardens. We start getting them in better shape, ensuring they’re nice and pretty for the summer months (or days seeing as we live in the UK!). I’m sure you’re all in the middle of general garden maintenance tasks, which is why I’ve got a few things that I believe you need to watch out for this summer. The things I’ve listed can all cause problems in your garden, so I’ve given you advice on how to deal with them as well. 


Overgrown Weeds

Weeds are always a problem in your garden, and they tend to come into their own during the summer. All the extra sunshine, normally combined with some rain showers, makes for perfect weed growing conditions. You don’t need me to tell you that overgrown weeds ruin the way a garden looks. So, stay on top of them and get rid of them as soon as you see them. Either rip them up or chop them down, then spray some weed killer on the roots to ensure they don’t grow again. 


Wasp Nests

In general, having a wasp or two infiltrate your garden sanctuary isn’t worth stressing over. They do their business, you do yours, and there’s plenty of space for both parties. However, problems occur when there’s a wasp nest in your garden. We had one before, and it pretty much made the garden inhabitable because you’d get stung by a wasp every five minutes. Thankfully, you can get rid of a nest by enlisting the help of your local pest control service. You can try and get rid of it on your own, but it’s much safer to get the pros involved. Be on the lookout for the telltale signs of a wasp nest; lots of wasps buzzing around a certain area!


Dry/Patchy Grass

There’s something so magnificent about opening your curtains and looking out at your garden to see a luscious green lawn. It really brightens up a summer garden space and adds so much colour to the area. However, when we inevitably have a heatwave for a day or two, the sun beats down on our grass and causes problems. It can dry it out, leading to patchy grass that’s more brown than green. How can you stop this? To begin, you can cut your lawn better, and avoid leaving the grass too short. Then, water it in the mornings whenever it’s particularly sunny, as this hydrates your lawn and helps stop it drying out. There are loads of ways you can keep your lawn nice and green, one final idea that I’ll mention is to stop walking or running on it loads. If you have kids, try and stop them from tearing up the grass and creating patches by running around - particularly when it’s damp. 

So, be on the lookout for these three problems in your garden this summer. Keep them in check, and you’ll stop your garden from going from great to horrible.  

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