Garden // How to make your garden child friendly

May 9, 2018

There’s nothing worse than having that fear that if you let your children out into the garden on their own, that they will hurt themselves or worse. This feeling can be made worse if you know that certain aspects of your garden are a potential death trap.


However, kids love being outside and it helps promote a range of skills that they could take into adulthood with them like gardening, appreciating nature, and also role play. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your garden is safe so that they can thrive and learn continuously.


Check out how to make your garden child friendly so that you don’t freak every time one of them enters the garden.




{Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash}


Put up safety fences




Whether you previously did your garden up in an adult suitable manner and now need to change it because you’ve had kids, or whether you’ve just moved in and don’t have time to do up your garden just yet, you can always opt for safety fences so that children aren’t at risk of entering somewhere that could harm them. Things like fish ponds and areas full of nettles are both great examples of areas that need safety fences. It will deter your children away from danger!


Get rid of insect nests


Insects build nests as and where they feel like it, and unfortunately most of the time, that’s in the most inconvenient place in our gardens. Be sure to search around for any insect nests and eliminate them as quickly as possible. Ants are awful to have in your garden because they seem to get everywhere, and some even may bite your children. Stick down plenty of Nippon ant killer and you’ll soon be able to rest assured that your children are playing safe. For dilemmas like wasp nests, it might be worth calling in a professional to do the work to avoid harming yourself.


Put in a secure gate


It’s no secret that children like to explore, and many parents have experienced the fright of looking outside and not being able to see their children playing. Installing a secure gate that you can lock will put your mind at ease that they won’t be sneaking off any time soon, and there’s a much smaller chance of an intruder getting in while your back is turned.


Use rounded furniture


Finally, children like to run pretty much everywhere, and accidental falls and bumps are inevitable. However, garden furniture can prove to be quite sharp, and therefore create much more damage than an indoor piece of furniture. Be sure to buy rounded edges so that your kids can play in your super safe garden.


Take these four tips on board so that you can make your garden child friendly as soon as possible! Good luck with your new garden!


Let me know how you will be enjoying your garden this summer.


Blunty xx 


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