Interiors // What could your house use more of?

May 9, 2018

Your house is the place where you’re meant to feel safe and secure, away from prying eyes of the outside world, and like you can be yourself for hours and hours on end. It’s the place where you relax and destress, in the bath or on the sofa, and it’s the place that bugs like to crawl into to specifically annoy you during the summer. But does your house have all the trimmings it could really use? Are you well stocked and sitting pretty?


And sure, you’ve got plenty of soap stocked up in the bathroom, as well as clean dish towels hanging all over the kitchen, but do you have all the other essentials ticked off the checklist? If not, it’s time to pay attention to what you’ve got stored away in case of a rainy day, and whether or not your house is really up to the scratch you think it is. After all, the decorating can start to peel off the walls and the carpet can easily get runners in it!

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Emergency Items


Emergency items are the things we depend on when something strikes unexpectedly, and this could range from physical to mental to natural disasters. So you should dig through your cupboards now to make sure you can put together the supply kits this post lists.


First and foremost, do you have a first aid kit at your disposal? If not, this immediately needs remedying. Not having any plasters, antiseptic wipes, and bandages on your side can easily lead to someone getting an infection after cutting themselves, and no painkillers means there’s no way to deal with the pain.



You should also put a power cut supply together, as having plenty of torches, batteries, and candles in the cupboard is going to be a saving grace when the room suddenly dips to black. It can happen at any time, and it’s likely to last for a good few hours, so be prepared for this.


More Style Perhaps?


No, we don’t mean your house looks bad! Instead, there could be some ways you could really turn your decorating up to 11 and really pull off some stylish interior design. The trends for the main house styles tend to change from year to year, so you should always follow your own heart, and really polish off Grandma’s old china still sitting on the mantelpiece.



However, plumping those cushions, getting some interesting wallpaper, and a new flooring put down is going to go a long way to make sure your house looks fresher than ever. Something hardwood is popular here, as the varnish on the planks alone can really make a room shine! Plus a rug will be easier to throw down, and having something neutral brown or in white is going to make your furniture pop.


Your house is well outfitted already of course, but there’s usually some finishing touches you can put on to make sure you’ve gone above and beyond for your multiple high living standards.


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