Interiors // Creating the perfect guest bedroom

May 11, 2018

There’s nothing better than having friends and family members come to stay in our homes. The laughter, the conversations, the good times! And since these are our nearest and dearest, we want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible when they’re staying in our humble abodes. And that means creating a hotel-worthy guest room, one that impresses our guests for its sheer style and comfort. But how do you create one of these rooms?



Keep Things Simple

When it comes to your guest room, make sure you’re starting with a blank canvas. You shouldn’t be using the room to store your belongings, or doubling up the room as an office when you don’t have people staying with you. Before you get to creating the room, make sure it’s completely empty. From there, add the things that you would ordinarily find in a guest room; a bed, desk, a chair. Don’t go overboard with the decor, either; neutral colours work better than anything outlandish. Once you’ve got those items in there, the rest will be about making subtle additions to make the space homier.

Storage Space

If your guests are staying for more than a few days, then make sure you’re providing them with space to put their clothes, and then their bag. Nobody wants to be living out of their suitcase for days on end. Make sure there’s a wardrobe in there and space under the bed for them to store their empty luggage bags.

En-Suite Bathroom

It won’t always be possible, but, if it is, then you should add an en-suite bathroom. This makes guests feel much more relaxed, and at home, as it means they don’t have to tiptoe around your bathroom, they can store their toiletries without feeling self-conscious, and so on. If you’re remodelling your en-suite bathroom, then go for the best. Find the best modern showers from Add a towel heating radiator so that they can stay nice and warm on those chilly winter mornings. Have a steam demisting mirror installed, and a razor charger, too. All these additional touches will make it feel like they’re staying in a hotel.

Atmospheric Lighting

The guest bedroom isn’t just a place where they’ll sleep; it’s also a place where they’ll unwind after a day of exploring, and where they’ll slowly come to life in the morning. As such, give a thought to the lighting. It’s nice to unwind in lighting that is atmospheric, and not overly harsh, just as it’s preferable to have morning sunshine pouring through the windows on a bluebird day. Set your guest bedroom to be like this, and your guests will be able to sink into relaxation without a problem.

“Think Hotel”


Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is to create a hotel-worthy room right in your home. Be inspired by hotel rooms, and keep in might all the small features that make them relaxing. If you do, you’ll have the perfect guest room! 


Blunty xx 

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