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May 16, 2018

Every once in a while we all get the bug to make and create. We have a great idea but aren’t sure we have the skills to get it done, well the great thing about creation is that it never has to be what others consider to be perfect. Instead, it just has to be something you love. Here are a few simply and very satisfying projects for around the house. 


Scented Drawer Liners. This will take some fabric, measuring tape, hot glue gun, and some dried lavender. Empty out the contents of the drawers that you want to line, measure the dimensions. On the fabric mark out the correct width of the drawer, but double the length (think of a cushion cover), hot glue the longer edges together to form a pocket the same sizes as your drawer (how easy was that?) Now fill it up with some of the dried lavender. You might like to use other dried flowers or scented pearls, whatever you want really! Don’t make it too bulky; once you seal the final edge, it should look like an understuffed bean bag. Pop it in the bottom of the drawer, and there you have it, a gorgeous smell infusing all of your clothes. 

Making a unique mirror wall. You’ll need a few different sized mirrors and a blank wall (surprising?). Try and purchase mirrors that have plain wooden frames, so that you can personalise those too. Use beads, paint, glitter and even fabric. Stick with a minimal colour pallet for the best results. You can also switch it up a little and frame some of your favourite photos too. This is a simple way to make a feature wall. 



A tealight candle holder. If you love having candles lit in the evening, then why not create your own stunning wooden tealight holder. You’ll need any piece of wood with a fairly smooth surface, a drill with a 1 ½ inch drill bit (if you don’t have one you can get a drill bit set from makita tools – toolden), and lots of tea lights. Before you drill anything, take some time place all the tealights where you’d like them, draw around them as you go. Once you have the layout as you want, gently drill into the wood – no too deeply, half the depth of a tealight should do it. Pop the tealights in the newly drilled space and there you have it!

If you want something quick and impactful, why not make an inspirational garland/bunting. For this, you’ll need a piece of twine, a little bit of wall space, and some inspirational quotes and postcards ready to stick on there. Mini pegs which can be picked up in most craft stores will attach the images and quotes easily, and you can tack it to practically any wall. This is a great one if you like to have visual things to help you be productive through your whole day. 

The joy of creating simple things around the home shed a different light on DIY. Each item will be unique to you and who knows what you’ll make next. 




Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

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