Travel // Great gift ideas for people who love travel

May 21, 2018

We all know those people that are almost impossible to buy gifts for. Every time their birthday rolls around, you spend hours wandering around the shops trying to find something that they won’t hate. People that travel a lot are difficult to buy for because they won’t be around at home that often to use whatever it is you buy them. The best thing to do is buy them something that they can use while they travel or a memento of one of their trips that they can keep at home. These are some of the best gift ideas for people that love to travel. 

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A Print Of Their Hometown 

Even people that travel all over the place still have a hometown that they’ll always have a soft spot for. This is a good way to decide on a gift for them. There are some great companies like Place in Print that do great artworks based on cities all over the country. Wherever they’re from, you’ll be able to get them a great print of all of the iconic buildings and traditions that they love about their hometown. 

Portable Chargers 

Charging your phone is a luxury you often don’t have if you’re travelling in the middle of nowhere. When you’re backpacking somewhere, you aren’t going to find a handy plug socket around anywhere. That’s why a portable charger is such a great gift for people that love to travel. You can get some great ones that double up as a backup device so if they’re taking a lot of photos while they’re away, they can make sure that they don’t lose any of them. You can even get some great solar powered ones, just remember that they won’t work that well at home but they’re perfect for travelling to hot countries. 

Another amazing innovation in portable charging technology is the Nomad wallet. It’s a great, stylish looking leather wallet with a great portable charger hidden inside. It’s perfect for those tricky situations when their phone runs out on the road and it cuts down on luggage because they don’t have to take a portable charger separately. 

Scratch Off Map 

Some people have an unquenchable thirst for travel and they want to visit as many different places as possible. The best gift for those kinds of people is a scratch off map. These great maps have scratch off countries so once you’ve been somewhere, you can uncover it on the map and keep up to date with the places you’ve visited. They’ll love having it up on the wall and watching as they gradually scratch away at more and more countries. 

Travel Pillow 

Long flights play havoc with your neck and back and if you’re doing that on a regular basis, you can end up very stiff. A good travel pillow is an absolute essential for anybody that is jetting off around the world on a regular basis. If they haven’t already got one, this is a great idea for a gift. 

These are all great gift ideas for that friend or family member that loves to travel, so you won’t be stuck for ideas next time.

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