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Musings // From the shop floor - My view on Marketing a Customer Experience

August 6, 2018

From the shop floor 


In my day to day role I look after point of sale and in store customer messages as well as leading on seasonal campaigns and new store openings as part of the Customer and Marketing team.


 {Co-op Food at Barton under Needwood


The last two weeks spent working at Barton Food Store have been an experiment.


I wanted to see if resetting my mindset and being flexible in thinking differently about customer experience in a live environment away from my usual Marketing and Communications Officer role would work.

What outcomes did I want from this?


•    To have a full and well-rounded view of retail which could only be fully completed from being in the environment of a store


•    A view of the customer from a bird’s eye perspective. Is the current work we do impacting the customer in terms of POS, customer messaging, and local marketing and what needs to be done to make this better


The last two weeks have been all about driving capability and understanding the customer.


There is a huge amount we can learn and connect with across the trading teams to help us in understanding trends, consumer behaviour and to find out the ways in which the customer is evolving. 
Customers don’t shop in channels - they just shop


We need to make sure that whether it’s at 2pm on her (the customers) mobile googling what's going on or on offer in her local store or 3pm walking into store, she is having an experience that is tailored to her and that that feels consistent. 


The customer is very fluid. What the customer needs today is not always what they need tomorrow.
The reality is our shops have a broad customer base so it’s about thinking about who we’re talking to from a marketing comms lens. Communicating with a woman in her 60s will look different to communicating to a woman in her 30s, it might be still on social and digital channels but it will be executed differently.
I see retail and online playing different roles – convenience stores are for ‘the now and around the corner’ this includes the POS and the in store experience, while online tends to be where people research, learn about our services or products – this could be as simple as offering a live chat online.


With a lot of initiatives competing in store that can bring new and exciting ways of doing things, I have to filter all of these and think - how does this help the customer journey?


Evolving the experience in-store