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August 16, 2018

As you may or may not know I work for a major convenience retailer in the Central England region and I am really passionate about supporting local independent businesses. 


There are lots of reasons why I think small businesses offer more to their customers, so we thought I'd share why we feel supporting small and local businesses is the way forward and what I am doing to support my local creatives!


Long gone are the days when someone would associate 'handmade' with crocheted booties and old fashioned wares.


This year, myself and a couple of local Instagrammers (MarthasCountryPad and Lesleyb_57) will be throwing a School of Christmas at Longdon Village Hall on Saturday 1st December.


The three of us love our local independents so much we thought it would be great to get them all together under one roof for a local Christmas Event! 




Here are some of my reasons to shop local


A better customer service: it is imperative for small businesses to put their customers at the heart of all they do, so it's likely that you will interact with the owners or staff who work tirelessly to make the business a success when you interact with a small business. These individuals want to give their customers the best experience possible, in the hope that it will lead to positive word of mouth and repeat business.

Unique products: handmade by its very nature, is unique. Buying a gift that has been handmade is guaranteed to be a one off, so how nice is it to think that your bundle is the only one, in the whole world, that exists? 

The feel-good factor: by supporting local, handmade businesses, you support the time and effort that goes into the design and creation of a product. For a customer, you will get that feel good feeling of supporting someone's talent, and for the designer, they are given the best compliment ever, a thumbs up from a customer that says they liked what they made enough to buy it.

Encouraging skill and talent: the more a designer sells of their products, the more they are encouraged to continue investing in their skill and talent. By buying handmade, you are encouraging makers to create more and develop their product to the best of their ability.

Giving something positive back: handmade takes time, and occasionally, the time it takes to make something, is more than the cost they can sell it for. Handmakers make their products because they LOVE what they do, so, by supporting small, handmade businesses, you make the time and love they put into the products worthwhile, and for this, we thank you.

Support independent shops and businesses: everyone agrees, that the best high streets are the ones that have friendly, well run, established  businesses so keep your eye out for local pop up shops, leaflets and flyers that promote handmade fairs or new local businesses and show your support by popping by to see what's on offer.


Do you have any other thoughts on why small businesses rock? If so, please leave a comment as I'd love to hear what you think about shopping locally and make sure you pop in to see us in December! All the info is here.


Blunty x

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