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Interiors // Simple things to change when you have a limited renovation budget

February 13, 2019

In case you are planning on transforming your living room, but cannot complete a full refurbishment, you will have to focus on the things that will make the most difference at the lowest cost. You can change the entire look of your living room for just a couple of hundred dollars and enjoy a better atmosphere and more comfort for many years to come. Below you will find a few tips on where to get started.




In case your flooring is letting your living room down, you will need to think about changing it. Emptying the room will only take you a couple of hours, if you have help, and professionals such as Carpet One can install your new carpet for less than you would think in 1-2 hours. If you like your current laminate or wooden floor, you can also add an area rug to define your space and make your room feel warmer and more inviting.


Sofa Cover and Soft Furnishing

The main focal points of your living room are usually covered by soft furnishing. You don’t need a new sofa if you cannot afford it; instead, get a new cover for it that will match your living room colors and style. In case you are good with the sewing machine, you can make a fitted cover for the cost of the material and make your room look more modern or classy, depending on your preferences.



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Wallpapers or Paint

One of the main reasons why homes look tired is the lack of maintenance and the old style decor. You don’t have to be an expert at decorating; there are some professional tools that will let you paint an entire room in just a couple of hours and keep the mess at bay. Always start with the ceiling; a lick of paint will always brighten up your area. Add a feature wall to personalize your space.





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Adding a sideboard to your living room will make it easier for you to display and store items. You don’t want to cover your mantelpiece with photos and different memorabilia. A stunning sideboard will make your living room feel more like home, and you can store away anything you are not using every day. A glass cabinet can store your spare dining set, while a solid wood will be perfect for your design and make your home look more organized.



If there is one thing that will make a huge difference in how your living room feels, it is the lighting. You can install spotlights above the feature wall with your best pictures, or a mood lighting in one corner of the room. Warm light bulbs will make you feel more relaxed, and antique lighting will create a unique style.  


There are certain things you can change in your living room on a budget that will improve  your comfort level and your mood whenever you are home. You don’t have to put up with weeks’ mess and huge bills to feel more at home.