Interiors // How to make your home inviting with allergies

February 15, 2019

Allergies can appear at any age. Consequently, you could wake up tomorrow and find that you’ve developed an allergy to pollen or pet hair. While this is a terrible irony that keeps all of us guessing, it’s fair to say that in most cases, the allergy is the result of a weakened immune system. Similarly, your child might develop an allergy that can disappear in later years. However, more often than not, allergies are here to stay and rarely appear out of the blue – but,  you’ve been warned, this can happen!


Living with an allergy can make your everyday life difficult. For anyone who struggles with pollen, spring and summer can be the worst time of the year, even despite hay fever medications, for instance. More importantly, the allergy can dramatically affect your home decor, as you will be working to create a safe style for you and your family. But there’s a thin line between an allergy-friendly home and the antiseptic waiting room of a hospital! You want to inject some style and personality into your interior and exterior.  





Allergy-friendly garden


While pollen is one of the most common types of allergies, it’s not the only cause of troubles of enthusiastic gardeners. More and more Britons are showing signs of grass allergy, exhibiting rashes when they are in the vicinity of a freshly mowed lawn or experiencing hay fever symptoms when the grass grows. If this is the case – you might want to get yourself tested first –, you already know that you can’t have a fresh lawn. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a green garden. New Lawn proposes fantastic artificial grass solutions that can give you a dream-worthy yard! Additionally, you can still create a wildlife-friendly garden even if you’re not using real grass. Indeed, there are plenty of flowers that are completely allergy-friendly, such as carnations and hydrangeas, for instance, proving that you can have a garden that is good for wildlife too!




A blooming garden





One keyword: DECLUTTER


Allergy-sufferers need to live in a clean environment. You can’t afford to let dust accumulate as this could have devastating effects. However, you don’t need to invest in unique purifying equipment. More often than not, removing unnecessary items and belongings from your interiors can be a game-changer. Decluttering your living space will not only make the room appear bigger, but it’s also a lot easier to maintain. Additionally, a clean decor appears immediately a lot more sophisticated and roomier!


Allergy-free furniture that doesn’t look like a hospital waiting room


Last, but not least, dealing with allergies can affect your choices when it comes to furniture. You want something that is less likely to attract dust and other tiny particles. However, the plastic and metal look can feel too impersonal. You need to focus your attention on hypoallergenic materials that can be easily cleaned. The Spruce recommends leather and vinyl for your upholstery as well as bare flooring solutions. Rugs and carpets can attract dust and remain difficult to clean.


For homeowners, balancing a homely style while remaining allergy-friendly can be challenging. You will need to make some concessions, such as the smell of fresh grass or a thick carpet in the bedroom. However, with a little effort, you can create something elegant and functional for all.


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