Garden // Is your garden a pain? Or a pleasure?

February 21, 2019

I don't know about you but I am itching to get into the garden and start clearing and pruning back some of my much loved perennials.


 Image Credit: Pexels


Just like any factor of home maintenance, your garden can be a thorn in your side (excuse the pun), or a wonderful thing well taken care of. All gardens have the capacity to be either. Of course, if you have a garden that is as large as several acres, maintaining that many flower beds might prove to be a full time job, but if you own that amount of land, you will likely be able to justify the cost of a landscaper or regular gardener. However, for most of us, taking care of our gardens is something we do ourselves. This is hardly a negative thing. If done right, it can be a wonderful, refreshing and engaging experience.


But it can be difficult if gone about in the wrong way. With our following tips, you will not only find measures to ensure garden maintenance, upkeep and care is well achieved, but also a pleasure to take care of. As the years pass on, this garden will be a continual source of pride.


Make maintenence easy 



There’s no reason why a garden should be some kind of yawning horror that you’re reminded of each time you look out of the window. But if you let it fall into a state of disrepair, this can happen. We think of the countless man-hours it will take to tame the wildness of a garden like this, but just like anything, small contributions can add up in the long term. Make maintenance easy for yourself. Start with purchasing the items you most need. For example, a cordless battery powered lawn mower can help you cut the grass whenever you feel like it, and without the often irritating setup usually required. Spending an afternoon a month pulling up weeds, or painting the fence, or another small effort can help the entire environment slowly come together.


Have a goal in mind


Have a goal in mind. Do you hope to clear space for a greenhouse to grow tomatoes? Do you hope to use your garden to entertain more this summer, or perhaps are you hoping to install a beautiful zen garden feature to help you meditate in nature with much more presence? Having a goal in mind helps you work towards something, and then the garden becomes a pleasure both in the present and in the future as you justify spending more time out there. Sometimes you just need the desire to get started to… get started.


Show the fruits of your labour

Sometimes the fruits of your labour are actual fruits of your labour, such as the aforementioned tomatoes. Sometimes it can be deciding to entertain guests this summer, or to craft a small pool or jacuzzi area in the outhouse for your family. Celebrate your garden, especially if you’ve put work into it. The compliments and enjoyment you’ll both receive and see will absolutely encourage you to achieve more in your green space.

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