Interior Trend: Wildlife Paintings

February 27, 2019

As we enter a new season, there is no better time to rejuvenate your home and give it that added zest of life. This doesn’t mean you have to embark on an expensive redecorating process. One piece of adornment or furniture can instantly change the vibe of a room and give at a new dimension of personality. Paintings provide an excellent method of doing this. This is because they capture a story, character, colour, and intricacy and so they add more depth to the room in which they are placed.


Image source: Pixabay


There is a whole host of different paintings available around stores in the UK as well as off of the Internet. Therefore, you won’t be short of any choice when it comes to finding one to enhance your home. Nevertheless, if you want to stay on trend with interior designs then you should certainly consider the prospect of one of the many available wildlife paintings. This trend goes really well with Rick Owens furniture available here if you’re interested in a big overhaul. Patterns incorporating animals have really soared as of late; with clothing being a prime example of this. And, 2019 marks the year to start embracing wildlife in your very own home.


There are lots of different styles with regards to wildlife paintings and so you are bound to find something to suit your home, your taste and your budget. Nevertheless, there are some trends which work particularly well and are at the height of fashion this season. First and foremost, abstract interpretations of wildlife are highly popular. For example, you may have the outline of an animal then inside and on the background there are bright colours painted in a random yet clever manner. These pieces are show-stopping and have the capacity to be the focal point in any room. Therefore, they work really well in a living room to command attention; they are also good at the top of the stairs or in another large part of hallway wall space.


Another factor worth considering is that in a few weeks time we will be in spring and so moving away from winter wildlife one should consider incorporating more floral and light pieces. There are some fantastic images of household animals laying in the grass, horses on fields, and beautiful butterflies in the sky etc. These paintings add freshness and lightness to the room in which there are placed. They are softer and with regards to style they are suited to a place which has a more pastel palette or the utilisation of light wood and other similar materials. This is worth considering if you are preparing for the months ahead.


And finally beautiful artistic wildlife paintings of animals in their natural habitat, such as lions in the wild and alike, are highly popular. They bring culture, ethnicity, intrigue and story into the room in which they are placed. And they are certainly the type of product that people will stop and take a look at because they grab attention and are commanding in their presence.


All in all, if you are looking to embrace home improvement trends for the up and coming year then you should certainly consider purchasing one of the many wildlife paintings available online today.


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