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Garden // Spring Inspiration

March 13, 2019



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Spring is nearly here and your garden is probably looking a bit bedraggled after the harsh winter months. It is time to breathe new life into it and to make it a pleasure to be in on a warm spring day. There are many different ideas about doing this, and here are just a few suggestions.


Create Some ‘Can’t be Missed’ Pots


Of course, you should always start with the usual garden maintenance of mowing lawns, trimming hedges and cutting back shrubs and trees. Why not then add some extra visual appeal by placing a few large pots full of bright and colourful flowers. These sorts of additions to your garden cannot be missed and will certainly make you feel that spring is here.



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Layer Plants


Layering plants will help to reduce the amount of work needed to look after them. To give a strong visual impact plant them in drifts of regular patterns. As they grow and thrive, the flowers and greenery will become a beautiful spectacle, and at this time of year that does not take too long at all. This can look especially good if the upper layer is against a fence or wall and will help to take the starkness off them.


This can also be great if you want your garden to have a wild look this spring, as there are many plants that grow in the wild that you could plant as part of this display. The finished product will not only look good, but it will also be good for the soil and help to feed the insects and birds.


Play With Colours


Play with the colours in your garden to make patterns. Perhaps you could make a pattern that invites people to follow it, or use the colours to make spirals of different shades. There is a trend at the moment to have masses of white flowers and it can be very attractive to have a white patch of colour as a focal point. There are some beautiful plants that come in different tones of white, including roses, hydrangea, peonies and anemones.



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More Could Be Good


You do not have to have just 2 or 3 of each plant. You could have a whole bed of one type with maybe 30 or more of them in. A display made like this can be very impressive and easy to maintain. People do not always realise just how good the massing of one plant can be, but there are some great examples online of where just one element makes a stunning vision.


What Can You Do?


What you can do in your garden does depend on many things, but the main one is how much space you have to work with. Even a small garden can be made ready for spring, with pots and plants used to add colour. Some time and effort put into your garden now will pay dividends when those warm days are here and you can just sit back and relax in the haven you have created.


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