Garden // 5 Steps To A Biodiverse Garden

March 26, 2019

I love to welcome all sorts of wildlife into my garden. A biodiverse garden is a healthy garden. That’s because it is filled with a plethora of different species, from native plants and flowers, to beautiful birds, butterflies and other colourful wildlife. This will create a flourishing ecosystem in which each species plays a part in supporting the whole.


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Lots of gardeners try to improve the biodiversity of their gardens so that they will be a lot more protected from any potential outside threats. Do you think it’s time you did this to yours too? Here are five steps to add as much biodiversity as possible.

Create A Pond

First of all, you might want to think about adding a pond to your garden. This will encourage a lot of pondlife to make your garden their home. Not only that, though, but the water will also attract more birds and small animals as they will have a source to drink from in the garden. You’ll also find that some pond plants will start to grow in the water too, adding even more species to your collection of plants and flowers. 

Make It Welcoming To Birds

Birds are very important to any garden as they will help to pollinate all of the flowers, which will encourage them to grow strong and bloom regularly. There are various ways to make a bird-friendly garden, but adding bird baths and houses will really help. You should also consider planting a hedge, as this will provide birds with food and shelter. 

Be Friendly To Bees

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Bees are one of the best pollinators out there. Creating a bee-friendly garden will encourage these hard workers to come and pollinate your plants, but it will also support the local bee community. Make sure that there are plenty of plants that bees love, such as sunflowers, linden trees, and western ironweed. You should also stop using chemical-based pesticides and fertilisers as these can pose a risk to bees.


Set Aside A Corner For Insects

It’s important that you don’t forget about insects in your garden as well. These will contribute to the biodiversity, so you need to do as much as possible to make them feel welcome. One thing you can do it to leave a corner of your garden quite messy. Insects love to burrow in dead wood and plants, so providing them with these will help support the little community of them that is in your garden.

Remove Invasive Plants

Ideally, it’s always best to plant as many native plants in your garden as possible. These will be a lot more beneficial to the various wildlife that makes your garden their home. It’s worth removing any invasive non-native plants so that you can make more room for native ones. It’s also important to remove any weeds as soon as you notice them as these can consume a lot of nutrients from the soil, which will leave your native plants with very little goodness.

Use all of these tips to create a biodiverse garden full of wonderful plant and wildlife species!

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