Garden // A short guide to Eco-Friendly gardening

April 1, 2019

If like me you love to be out in the garden, one of the reasons that might be is that you are a lover of nature, and the garden is just an expression of that. If so, it’s likely too that you will be keen to do your gardening in a way which is as eco-friendly as possible. Not everyone is, but this is a growing movement and concern, and if you are keen to try and help the planet along as best as you can, then this is certainly something you will want to think about at least. The truth is that there are a lot of simple things you can do and changes you can make which will ensure a more eco-friendly way of gardening. In this article, we will look at just a few of them, so that you can make sure that you are going to take some of these on board some time soon.



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Conserve Water


The first thing that any keen gardener should look into changing is their water habits. You don’t want to find yourself using too much water, as that is one of the most wasteful things you can do and will only result in you helping to further the damage to the planet. There are many ways you can conserve water, fortunately, so it's definitely something to think about doing as soon as you can. One of the simplest is to install a water butt or two, so that you can collect rainwater and use it when you need to. You can always make sure that you are simply watering the plants the right amount, as a lot of amateur gardeners will find themselves over watering in the first place. The more water you save, the more ecological your gardening is.


Controlling Pests Naturally


One of the main challenges for the gardener is keeping pests under control, and if you are hoping to help the planet at the same timer then you options will be more limited here. However, there is really no excuse these days to not use organic and ecological methods for controlling pests, and you might even be amazed at how easy that is to do. Many times, you can use harmless water traps to catch slugs and snails, or even make a moat around your beds with some old guttering filled with water. If you look at Green Gardener you will see that you can also get plenty of natural pest control products, so you should never feel that you have to resort to using harmful products. You can also makes sure to introduce the right insects, who will then eat those pests.



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Native Plants

Finally, make sure that you are using native plants as much as possible. These are much better for the garden and the local climate, and you will find that they are a lot easier and more enjoyable to grow as well. As long as you stick to plants which would grow naturally where you are, you will be gardening in a much more ecological fashion on the whole.

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