Travel // Take time to explore The Lion City

May 21, 2019

Are you looking for a little travel inspiration? Perhaps you feel like long haul but need some ideas on where. In this short guide we take a look at the seriously impressive island state that is Singapore, perfect for a stop off to the Western Hemisphere.


Not Just a Layover


There are plenty of countries you can stop over on your way to Australia or New Zealand, depending on which way you travel and which airline you fly with. One of the most popular is Singapore. It’s not surprising when the airport itself offers such fantastic restaurants, entertainment and even a rooftop pool.


But if you’re planning a long haul break this year, don’t miss out on spending some time in this fantastic South East Asian destination and experience the food, sights and smells of this unique city state.


The Food


If you’re going to love one thing about Singapore (apart from the Singapore Slings), it’s going to be the food. Quite simply, the choice is breathtaking. Sample the island’s favourite chilli crabs, spicy laksa noodle soup or offerings from across Asia all found in the malls and hawker centres across the island.


If you do visit a hawker centre, you’ll really be eating like a local. With freshly cooked meals for around the $3 to $4 dollar mark it’s the smart and cheap choice to experience street food and Singaporean culture.


You’ll find yourself sharing tables and be prepared for lots of advice on where to find the best food on the island, Singaporeans are proud of their culinary offering and love sharing their top tips.


You will need to know about the rules surrounding ‘choping’. This tradition simply involves putting a tissue or packet of tissues on a table or chair and means the spot is reserved. Often the owne